A customised costume is an essential piece of every performer's act.
Here's a few things to think about when you're considering what you need..

1. It has to look good on stage or in the performance space it will be seen in
2. It has to be easy to perform in and fit well
3. It should be in keeping with the theme of the performance and music
4. It should be durable and well made to with stand the type of performance it will be worn for.

Think about what feeling you want to project to the audience.

The distance you will be from them and the size of the venue.

For a large area you need to be bold with your details so they will be seen in the back row. Use contrasting colours or fabrics with bold patterns. Shiny fabrics, studs, rhinestones and textures draws attention.

For smaller spaces the details can be more delicate if that's within keeping with your theme.

I can be a good start to look at what others have done before, but this should be only a start to making a costume especially your own.

Still stuck.... contact us with a brief description of what you're after with information like what sort of performer you are, where you will be performing, music choices, and any criteria you require and we will work with you to design something fabulously unique for you.